Monday, August 1, 2011


This past weekend was my first weekend to be in birmingham without any traveling since in april. I was so excited to be able to wake up both saturday and sunday mornings in my our bed and enjoy home. My parents came to town Friday night to take us to dinner and bring wedding presents we had not opened yet. Saturday, i woke up early (after staying up super late for me trying to get organized with all of our new gifts!) and ate breakfast while watching the food network in my pajamas {sigh}. Doesn't get much better than that. Justin and I geared up for an afternoon of returning duplicates and gift-card purchases. Although I'm really not big on running errands, having Justin with me made it so much more fun. To top off a great (married) saturday afternoon, we went to see a movie - one of our favorite things to do - Cowboys & Aliens. Which was great by the way!

Sunday, we tried out a new church, and as our luck would have it, heard the pastor's farewell sermon. Justin's birthday is wednesday so since we have a jam-packed week of things to do at night, I cooked a special birthday meal for him Sunday night: Panko Encrusted Rack of Lamb. One of our favs.
It sounds fancy and looks fancy but is actually so easy! I need to stop blogging from work so I can include the recipes. More to follow!

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